Pesel Loan and Phishing of Personal Data

A loan for a pesel – does it exist? Loan companies meet their clients’ expectations. Because they offer a range of facilities, we can count on a telephone loan as well as a loan for proof. the loan companies’ loan assortment will also include a pesel loan? The pesel loan does not exist, although the pesel number is one. It often happens that we urgently need money. However, it is worth remembering not to use a loan on a pesel. No reliable loan company has such in its offer. With the help of our financial problems there will be a loan for proof without any certificates that we can get without leaving home. However, please remember to provide the correct data in the loan application. Only in this way will we improve the process of withdrawing money from the loan.

Pesel loan – does it exist?

Pesel loan - does it exist?

Loan companies meet the expectations of their clients. Due to the fact that they offer a range of facilities, we can count on a loan for a phone call as well as a loan for proof. Will there be a loan for pesel in the assortment of loan companies?

A pesel loan does not exist. Although the pesel number is one of the most important data that allows us to apply for a loan, we can not get it by having only this data. A pesel loan is offered at most by fraudsters who promise to withdraw cash in exchange for one information. Be careful of all companies that offer this type of service. On the loan market there is also a fast loan for ID card, in the case of which we do not have to submit additional certificates and it is completely safe. 

Loan for evidence – how can I apply for a loan for my data?

Loan for evidence - how can I apply for a loan for my data?

Applying for a proof loan is not difficult. Let us remind you that the offer of lenders is addressed both to young people and those of old age who can take advantage of a loan for pensioners. All we need to do to apply for cash is to fill in the application on the lender’s website. The document should contain data from our ID card. Pesel is one of them, but it is not enough information for the loan company to review our application. It is worth remembering this, especially if we find an offer that will not require anything beyond us. Such an institution may contribute to extorting loans for stolen personal data .

Before submitting the application, please check the correctness of the information stored in it. This will improve the customer verification process, then pay out the loan. It is also good to know the conditions for granting a loan to a given lender. If we do not meet the requirements, such as age, we will meet with the rejection of the application .

Can the loan be extorted to our data?

Can the loan be extorted to our data?

It’s not often that we lose documents, but it can happen to anyone. It is important, however, to inform the relevant services about such an event. Due to the fact that there are loan offers for evidence without certificates , there may be a fear that someone will try to extort consumer credit for our data. It is worth remembering, however, that loan companies take care of their clients’ safety and do not allow such a situation. Each time someone applies for extra cash, he or she is thoroughly checked by the lender. This is done, among others using identity verification.

Ways of customer verification

The methods of verification of loan companies’ clients include:

  • telephone verification – it consists in making a telephone request for the loan and requesting confirmation of the data contained in the application. Customer service may also require additional information that will tell you if the interlocutor is the person who sent the loan application
  • verification via courier – an employee of the courier company provides the customer of the loan company to sign the contract. During the visit, it checks the customer’s details with those provided in the application. If they are correct, the consumer may sign a contract. This is immediately delivered to the financial institution, which then pays the money
  • verification fee – this is one of the most frequently used methods. It involves transferring 1 PLN or PLN to the lender’s account. In this way, the customer confirms that the account he provided in the application form belongs to him. Confirmation of this information is very important because it is for this account that the loan institution transfers the money from the loan

How do you check if you have phished our personal information?

How do you check if you have phished our personal information?

The phishing of personal data is an increasingly common phenomenon. If we are not sure whether personal data has been stolen due to leakage, we can check it using the BIK report. All data regarding our creditworthiness are included in it. In addition, we can see how many current loans we have and whether we pay them back on time. One of the options of the BIK report is the ability to generate information on whether someone has asked for our data.

In order to protect against phishing of personal data and then taking credit for stolen data, it is worth to run Alert BIK. This is a service offered by the Credit Information Bureau . It is to be used to notify you when you try to borrow or credit our data. Information about this action will be sent via SMS or e-mail. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If someone has tried to obtain credit for a pesel, you should inform the lender and the police immediately.

PESEL database – what is it and what data is collected?

PESEL database - what is it and what data is collected?

Every day, each of us uses their own data and is in contact with information about other people. It is important, however, to maintain security in connection with the use of them. One of the places that cumulate information about, among others Polish citizens, is the PESEL database. It is the Universal Electronic Population Register System, which contains basic information identifying the identity and administrative and legal status of Polish citizens and foreigners living in the Republic of Poland.

The register contains information such as: age, sex, place of residence, country of birth, marital status, parents’ first and last names, date of departure from the place of permanent residence. Thanks to the accumulation of such extensive information, which is available only to representatives of the authorities (including the police, prosecutor’s office, guards, electoral bodies or state control bodies), we can be sure that any attempt to extort the pesel loan will be ineffective.

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