Private credit free loans: not all offers are reputable

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Current statistics show that more and more consumers in Germany are seizing the opportunity to take out a loan without Private credit. It is a loan, which has the property that the award is not dependent on whether the loan seeker has a proper Private credit or not. While the non-fictitious credit is the last option for many consumers to finance, attention should nevertheless be paid to risks and dangers.

Who offers loans without Private credit?

Who has a negative Private credit information and has already asked his house bank, if he could get a loan in the context, which will have received a cancellation in most cases. In Germany, there are very few banks that are willing, in principle or in individual cases, to grant a loan despite a negative Private credit information.

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This raises the question for many stakeholders, who actually forgives Private creditfreie loans and what should be considered. Most of them are so-called credit intermediaries who have contact with banks that lend without Private credit. As a rule, these institutes are located abroad. For loan seekers, it is usually not possible to get in direct contact with the bank, but the entire process is usually through the credit intermediary.

The properties of the loan without Private credit

With regard to the type of loan, a debt-free loan is almost always an installment loan. The customer thus receives a loan amount, which is then repayable in monthly installments. With the loan, of course, an interest rate is agreed, which is however due to the assumed bad credit rating, which results from the negative Private credit entry, usually much higher than normal installment loans German banks. Otherwise, the Private creditfreie credit is awarded even in the negative Private credit information, but the more important is the presence of sufficient income as a credit check.


Beware of dubious offers!

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In no other credit sector, there are so many dubious deals on the market, as is the case with loans without Private credit. The reason is certainly that most consumers who have a negative Private credit entry are under pressure to finance. Since normal banks do not lend in this case, these individuals often have only the non-schaffa credit as a last resort.

In such a situation, many consumers do not pay attention to possible risks and pitfalls that exist with dubious offers. Also on this subject, there have already been various studies, which almost all came to the conclusion that a variety of credit offered on the market without Private credit must be regarded as not reputable.

Identify and avoid dubious offers

On the one hand, there are many dubious offers in the area of ​​loans without Private credit, on the other hand consumers have the opportunity to recognize these loan offers on the basis of a few characteristics. An indication that the loan offered without Private credit is not serious, is that the agency fee is payable before the conclusion of the loan agreement. On such a prepayment consumers should under no circumstances get involved, because for reputable loans without Private credit, it is almost always the case that the intermediary receives his commission only after the conclusion of the loan contract or payment of the loan amount.

Furthermore, attention should be paid to the specified interest rate. For some dubious offers, the trick is that the interest rate is not given per year, but per month. In these cases, for example, then the interest rate “2.5% pm” is listed. This means nothing else than that the customer has to pay 2.5 percent per month (!) And not per year.

Another feature that suggests a non-serious offer is too offensive and, under objective aspects, also dubious advertising with the loan. There are numerous advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet advertising unskimmed loans without income and up to 100,000 euros loan amount. However, no reputable lender will be willing to give tens of thousands of euros to a loan seeker with a negative Private credit and no proof of income.

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